Understanding Some Facts of the Exhaust Hood Cleaning Industry

  • About 80% of the exhaust hood cleaners are NOT certified to clean as per NFPA Code 96

  • Many cleaners DO NOT clean the entire system, just what they can see from the bottom.

  • Most do NOT provide before and after pictures.

  • All our guys are trained and certified as per NFPA Code 96

  • We clean the entire system from top to bottom; hood, ducts, fan

  • We lube your fan with every cleaning

  • We change your grease pad on your fan so grease doesn’t drip on your roof

  • We clean your make up air filters on your roof so you have good circulation in your kitchen

  • We clean and mop after we are done so the place will look cleaner than when we came in.

Peace of mind is invaluable. Especially when you run a stressful business in the overly competitive food and beverage industry. 

Your ducts, fans, hoods, and vents are where grease usually accumulates over time. Our job is to clean them in order to keep your kitchen in safe working order.  We strictly adhere to NFPA 96 code regulations.