First thank you for allowing us the opportunity to tell you our story and background. Station 96 LLC is a certified, licensed, insured and bonded cleaning/janitorial company that focuses commercial kitchen exhaust systems.  Station 96 LLC has been registered with the State of Florida since October of 2018 but our staff has over twenty years conducting inspections, cleaning and providing maintenance to commercial kitchen exhaust systems.

Station 96 is certified kitchen exhaust cleaner through MFS Exhaust Hood Cleaning School in Sanford, FL and is owned and operated by a veteran firefighter of 27 years.  The owner has spent 21 years with the United States Air Force and currently serves as the Assistant Fire Chief of Code Enforcement and has been conducting cleaning and maintenance inspections for over 15 years.. 

What really sets Station 96 apart from other Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning (KEC) companies is our commitment to ensuring that the entire exhaust system is cleaned to the standards outlined in NFPA 96. Second, is our experience conducting inspections that are instrumental in ensuring the system is truly clean and identifying items that are not up to code. Lastly, our business support network reaches across the US and includes independent, franchise and corporate companies across the kitchen exhaust industry.


Jay Wingfield
Station 96 LLC