Fan Maintenance

An exhaust fan is the most critical component of a restaurant’s exhaust hood system. If it malfunctions, it can create an environment that will not only be uncomfortable for customers and employees, but can also result in crippling fines associated with health code violations. We diagnose and fix exhaust fan problems, and we can make sure your fan runs properly so that your business continues to run smoothly and efficiently. Our technicians will promptly respond to any problem you may have and repair it quickly with minimal disruption to the flow of your business.

In addition to repair and replacement, we also provide maintenance that is

critical to ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of your exhaust fan, and

vital to extending its life. This is one of the most important services your

operation can take advantage of, as it helps maintain a safe working and

dining environment for your employees and customers.

Proper maintenance and repair or replacement of your kitchen exhaust fan will help you avoid the hassles associated with dealing with health inspectors and fire marshals, help eliminate odors and improve indoor air quality.